The Author

Helen Sea graduated from the London School of Economics before teaching children and adults with severe and profound learning disabilities. An M.A. in Creative Writing for Children is the latest part of her journey towards producing novels and stories for children and young adults.
She lives in Derbyshire with her husband, Michael.


Books Are Loud

Helen Sea is a co-founder of Books Are Loud ~ one of five writers who created Books Are Loud to showcase their work.  Diana Bradley, Julia Franklin, Alison Leonard and Paula McDonald are also co-founders.

Robert Graham has also been published under this title.


Books Are Loud are working in conjunction with Audible. Audible is a world-wide retailer of audio-books that is wholly owned by Amazon.

Kindle Editions

This first collection (Helen Sea, Diana Bradley, Julia Franklin and Alison Leonard) is also now available in Kindle form from the Kindle store, available from Amazon.